Continental breakfast
Breakfast from 7:00 to 12:00 by reservation


  1. Oatmeal in milk or water, with jam (80UAH)
  2. Toasts with boiled eggs (2), butter, cheese and sausage (100UAH)
  3. Pancakes (4) with cottage cheese with jam and sour cream (100UAH)
  4. Pancakes (4) with chicken and sour cream (100UAH)
  5. Easy - croissants, coffee or tea (80UAH)
  6. Toasts with butter and jam, coffee or tea (80UAH)

Drinks to choose from:

  • Tea (in stock)
  • Coffee (Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino)
  1. Cheese sandwich (Gorgonzola, Philadelphia) (100 UAH)
  2. Sandwich with tuna, mustard and capers (100UAH)
  3. Sandwich with ham and cheese Philadelphia (100UAH)
  4. Waffle with cream cheese and tomato (100UAH)


  • Tea (in stock)
Breakfast is served only in the room!