Pets friendly hotel

Not everyone wants to part with their four-legged pets while traveling. And not everybody has the opportunity. Our hotel will be happy to welcome you with your pet.

The services include:

  • One night stay in a room of the selected category with your pet
  • Breakfast for two people


  • The offer is valid year-round (subject to availability).


  • From 1850 UAH. All taxes are included.
Rules for pets

When checking into the hotel, the guest is obliged to familiarize themselves with the rules of accommodation for guests with animals.


  1. For a cat or dog an additional fee - from 200 \ day.
  2. The guest is obliged to bring a special bedding for animals. The animal should not sleep on the bed.
  3. If the damage caused exceeds the cost of the deposit, the guest must fully pay the damage.
  4. Small animals require a cage or bag, a special container or toilet. There should be a special tray for the toilet of cats.
  5. To feed the pets, the guest must bring special dishes. It is forbidden to feed the animal from the dishes of the hotel and cafe.
  6. At the hotel, animals can only be in a collar and on a leash.
  7. Room cleaning is carried out in the absence of the animal or when the animal is in the cage or carried (closed) in the presence of the owner.
  8. It is forbidden to wash animals in shower rooms, use towels and sheets belonging to the hotel to wipe.
  9. Guests are required to walk their dogs are medium in size only muzzled and on a leash.
  10. Paddock pets on the territory of the playground and on the lawns - is strictly forbidden. Dog walking is allowed only outside the hotel.
  11. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to accommodate a guest with an animal in the event that the exterior and behavioral characteristics of the animal do not comply with the established rules.
  12. The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest staying with a pet:
    • in case of violation of the rules of residence;
    • aggressive, inappropriate, noisy pet behavior.